Windows Phones and Social Networks

Microsoft thinks that all social networks are the same, and that’s fundamentally a broken concept since the reasons multiple social networks exist is to mirror how humans have multiple social circles in the real world.

Via Stefan Constantinescu’s scathing critique of both Windows Phone and Nokia’s Lumina 800. But this argument has an interesting premise. Do we have different social networks to separate our social circles? Google+ and Facebook would beg to differ, with circles and friends groups designed to specifically separate people you’re friends with inside a single social network. However, it’s also true that user adoption seems to be a demographic split, with a “Twitterati” that enjoy Twitter, and a predominately male and geeky adoption demographic in Google+.

I don’t think most “average humans” juggle many social networks, unlike tech reviewers. But it’s still the case that there’s no graceful solution to different social circles yet among mere mortals. And if you think static, fixed circles or lists that you sort people into are the solution, and you’re happy with the status quo, I think you’ve got a very straightforward social life, and are in the minority. I’ve got no idea how this nut will be cracked, but it would be a real gem to whichever social network figures it out best.